Guitar Hall

I like guitars, I’ve owned a bunch of them.  And I can prove it.  Here are pictures of many, but not all, of the guitars I’ve owned.

It all started with this one:


And went on…and on… and still going.

100_9945 6842b001 20141016_212904 fly_deluxe guitars guitars2 guitars049 Img_0005 Img_0030 Img_0034 Img_0182 IMG_0205 IMG_1350 IMG_1683 IMG_20150715_192350 martindm001  prs07 session003 sg2 sg3 sgbody2 sgcollection015 std22_13 stingray1 _514035 615ce_1 615ce_2 Img_0002 Img_0045 IMG_1303 5120_02 20131021_133247_zpsbaa91645 falcon1 projet2 0-9989special-9d 0c77ba6d 7f190c9a 33501 GibsonLPFadedDC005 goldtop5 IMG_0944 IMG_1323 IMG_2319 jr12_zpsf6b97b2d LP_STD_3 lp3 lpdc003 LPDeluxe018 LPJr 46_3 100_9950 Img_0004 strat10 superstrat025 IMG_0189 IMG_1593 tele2